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About Us

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Hi, I'm Julie!
My husband Stevie and I left the UK to seek pastures anew and an exciting change and challenge in Europe. Whilst travelling through Spain, we found a group of six self-contained, holiday cave houses with land for sale and instantly fell in love with the stunning location. In January 2021 we became the proud owners of Cuevas de la Paz.

Our vision was to maintain the unique, original character of this wonderful cave complex and create a romantic and tranquil holiday retreat. Together we brought our vision to life with hard work, determination and our unique flair for design.

Sadly my husband Stevie fought a brave battle with cancer for 18 months, never complaining, eventually passing in late 2023. I continue to carry the flame for both of us.

I live in one of beautiful caves so am available to guests to ensure their experience at Cuevas de la Paz is a memorable one. Couples, friends and families who wish to relax and re-charge have been enjoying our hospitality and chilled atmosphere in this stunning area of Spain in traditional cave houses.

From the start of our journey at Cuevas de la Paz we have been filmed for a Channel 4 UK tv series called ‘Help we bought a village’. If you would like to follow our story the links are below:

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