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Situated in the north of the Granada Province, the exceptionally beautiful village of Benamaurel is in the Baza region of the Altiplano of Granada. The village sits at a height of 723 metres above sea level 

Benamaurel is a traditional village where fiestas are colourful and give a real sense of rural Andalusia.

The Town Hall in Neoclassic style and the Church built on the site of an Arabic Mosque take up pride of place in the main square Plaza Mayor at the highest point of Benamaurel. A walk through the village is quite a unique experience and what most hits the senses is the enormous contrast in scenery and all in such close range. The panoramic view over the rich green valley and the River Guardal is starkly contrasted against the San Marcos quarter right opposite, which looks more like a desert enclave.

There are many bars and restaurants and every Sunday there is a weekly market, selling a variety of goods, local produce and handicrafts. 

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